1st Minister seeks feedback on ‘Framework for Decision-making’ Document

The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has published a document called ‘COVID-19: A Framework for decision-making’
The document reflects on the ongoing period of lockdown and outlines how the Scottish Government will determine the steps required to constrain the spread of the virus while minimising overall harm to health, society and the economy.
The government has made clear that they are seeking feedback from the people of Scotland about the rationale and outlook outlined in the document.

Of particular interest to people in our area may be where she discusses options for differential re-opening of particular parts of Scotland or different parts of the economy.
“”Within these considerations, we will also assess the merits of tailoring options to, for example, specific geographies and sectors, or parts of the rural economy, or those able to work outdoors ? but only if that is consistent with the aim of minimising overall harm and can be implemented effectively.””


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