About Lochbroom & Ullapool Community Trust

What is Lochbroom & Ullapool Community Trust?

Lochbroom & Ullapool Community Trust is a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation set up to deliver projects that benefit the community which we serve. Lochbroom & Ullapool Community Trust’s remit area (or community) is sometimes referred to as our area of benefit and is shown in the picture below, highlighted by the red line. It includes the highland communities of; Elphin, Strathcaniard, Rhue, Leckmelm, Braemore, Lochside, Dundonnell, Scoraig, Badcaul and Gruinard as well as the main population area of Ullapool Village itself.

Map showing Ullapool in north west Scotland

 Development trusts are organisations operating in the United Kingdom that are: community based, owned and led. engaged in the economic, environmental and social regeneration of a defined area or community. They are independent but seek to work in partnership with other private, voluntary, and public – sector organisations.

Lochbroom & Ullapool Community Trust also acts as an ‘anchor organisation’ which means that we often support other third sector, voluntary or not-for-profit groups. Sometimes these groups have limited capacity to employ their own staff, or they may need advice on how to set-up projects and bring in investment, they may also use the Trust to undertake initial feasibility work into projects that they believe will benefit our communities.

Lochbroom & Ullapool Community Trust acts as a third sector business incubator, we help to support other charities and groups in their initial development. Sometimes these groups remain linked to the Trust and bring income back into the community. Sometimes these organisations “spin-off” from the Trust and set-up on their own after an initial period of support.

LUCT adheres to an equal rights policy and has an active Fair work first statement and pays the real living wage. LUCT fair work first st.

Lochbroom & Ullapool Community Trust also delivers discrete projects that bring economic, environmental or social benefit to our remit area. All of our work is community led, and we consult and engage with our communities on a continuous basis, in order to highlight areas of regeneration or development which are most wanted or needed by our residents.

Join us and become a member

Anyone resident in the Lochbroom catchment area, from Gruinard in the South to Elphin in the north, is eligible for membership, which is free.
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