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Rehome, repurpose, reuse and recycle. Reducing the community’s contribution to landfill.

The New Broom sweeping green. Providing employment and volunteering opportunities, reducing the community’s contribution to landfill and generating income for the Trust’s core activities.

Each year we divert over 17 tonnes of donated goods from landfill and our new upcycling project means we can now salvage and re home even more. We PAT test and sell small electrics and have a range of wooden furniture and vintage bric a brac to complement our general household stock, books and clothing that you are used to seeing in the Broom. Our extensive range of CDs in hysterical order plus records and DVDs, houseplants, toys and the ubiquitous baby gear, mean there is something for everyone. In 2022 with funding from HIE we created 2 new part time jobs for creative upcycling. with the support of Ullapool Harbour Trust through the use of the community workshop Tess and  Joany have saved numerous pieces of furniture from the doom of the dump, re imagining them as  attractive  household items from the quirky to the functional breathing new life into preloved pieces. 

We also offer a range of Ecover and Faith in Nature refills, to help you reduce single use plastics in your life.

Vintage, quirky, useful, less waste, less cost more fun……
We are open Monday to Saturday 10 til 4.30 pop in and have a rummage.

If you are interested in volunteering or have any New Broom related queries email  or call us on 07935 570259


Community Pantry

The Community Pantry can be found in the Lucky House carpark on Latheron Lane. It’s a small sage coloured shed, which is checked daily by our small band of volunteers. You need a code to get in and it’s displayed on the Tesco notice board and in the New Broom window and various other places about the village.

It is C 78 34 X

The main aim of the pantry is to prevent food going to waste, whilst at the same time providing a helping hand to anyone needing a little support.

The Pantry is, for the most part, stocked with surplus produce from Tesco via Fareshare Scotland and the the Foodiverse app Largely fruit veg and bread, these items are restocked 3 or 4 times a week. We also get food donations from individuals, the Parish Hub, local shops and visitors. So if you see a camper van parked up at the pantry, they are probably clearing out their overstock of tinned soup before they return the van to the hire centre.

Tesco also collect donations at the till for local causes some of which come into the Pantry every month or so. Usually canned or dried foods and toiletries.
Over the summer and autumn, local gardeners have also used the pantry to rehome any surplus home grown fruit and veg. You might have a glut and someone else will be glad of it.

If you have spare to share then you can leave it in the Pantry, but please make sure any packets/ tins are in date and unopened.

All items in it are free for anyone who can make good use of them. We just ask that you take only what you need. The Pantry is all about not letting good food go to waste.

If you are a person who hates waste and want to use the pantry, please do. If you want to and are able you could perhaps bring something to donate next time you visit.

Most of the fruit and veg we get is loose so please do bring a bag with you.

Any queries or if you would like to be one of our pantry volunteers, then please contact Gill or call us on 07935 570259


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