Ben Williams

Ben Williams

I have been the Local Development Officer at Ullapool Community Trust since 2016. When I started at the Trust, we had a small office, hidden away in the back of the Village Hall. We also had one member of staff, albeit a very dedicated and hands on board of Directors. Since then we have managed to grow the Trust and we now provide over 8 local jobs for the community. I am passionate about social enterprise and community ownership of land and assets. Some of the main projects I have been involved with since joining the Trust include;

? Acquisition of the community HUB through a successful Scottish Land Fund application.

? Development of a new Community Growth Plan.

? Set up and delivery of the Community Benefit Fund.

? The Lochbroom 3D fund, Participatory Budgeting Event.

? Supporting the establishment of Ullapool & District Men?s Shed.

? Positioning the Trust as an anchor organisation, supporting other community initiatives and projects.

? Investigating the feasibility of a potential community buy-out of Lael Forest.

I am now part-time for the Trust and spend the rest of time teaching Business at West Highland College and being a Daddy to an exuberant 2-year-old.