Climate action Loch Broom

Climate Action Lochbroom

UCT?s Environment & Sustainability Working Group has been considering how we as a community can respond to the issue of Climate Change through Climate Action Lochbroom. With so much of modern life built around machines, processes and systems that pump greenhouse gases such as C02 into the atmosphere, the sheer scale of the challenge can feel overwhelming.

So what can we do? One of the most important first steps is to educate ourselves about the scientific facts so we can make informed decisions about our choices today and in the future.

Over the next couple of months, we aim to highlight a few of the most important sources of emissions such as those created by transport, consumer goods, food and energy. We?ll also be identifying some of the ways each of us might take to reduce these emissions. This information will be shared in a regular column in the Ullapool News, as well as on the UCT?s Facebook page.

Look out for the first column published in the 22nd November edition of the Ullapool News.

Climate Action Lochbroom

Do you have ideas on how the community can address the Climate emergency? We?d love to hear from you.

Get in touch either via email or on our Facebook page @UllapoolCT

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