Community Benefit Fund now open 7th May 2024

The Community Benefit Fund will run two batches of awards this year, the first in the late Spring and the second this Autumn. Each set of awards will have a fund of  £7,500 available for grants.  In the past an annual balance of between £7K and  £12K has been available. With slightly more funds this year we are opening the two rounds, and as we encourage other donors to join the fund so we hope to continue this system of a Spring and Autumn award in future.

The funding will be allocated by the Community Benefit Fund Panel which represents the community, LUCT, Loch Broom Renewables and the Community Council. Funding will be allocated on an ongoing basis. Payments from £250 up to £4,000 are available .  Non-constituted groups and/or individuals may apply if they are sponsored by another non-profit group who can receive the grant on their behalf. see our CBF page for application forms etc .

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