Community Benefit Fund 2024

The CBF is a community benefit fund and has been established as a means of enabling LUCT to financially support community projects within its remit area. The fund came into existence through a partnership between Lochbroom Community Renewables (Broom Power) and LUCT.

Lochbroom Community Renewables Limited (LCR) is a Community Benefit Society which was set up by LUCT to run renewable energy projects. Over the summer of 2016 it raised £900,000 in community shares to establish a hydro scheme in Lael Forest.

The CBF was set up to re-distribute the surplus income from scheme back into the community. LUCT is hopeful that other current and future projects will also divert funds into the CBF.  

Community Benefit Funding
NOW OPEN as of 7th May 24 the fund is open to applications

The Community Benefit Fund will run two batches of awards this year the first in the late Spring and the second    this Autumn. Each set of awards will have a fund of  £7,500 available for grants.  In the past an annual balance of between £7K and  £12K has been available, with slightly more funds this year we are opening the two rounds, and as we encourage other donors to join the fund so we hope to continue this system of a Spring and Autumn award in future. We will announce here and in the Ullapool News and upon social media when applications are open and other relevant dates/ information.  

The funding will be allocated by the Community Benefit Fund Panel which represents the community, LUCT, Loch Broom Renewables and the Community Council. Funding will be allocated on an ongoing basis. Payments from £250 up to £4,000 are available .  Non-constituted groups and/or individuals may apply if they are sponsored by another non-profit group who can receive the grant on their behalf.

Guidance and application docs are available below.  

Queries and requests for application packs should be directed to:

Lochbroom & Ullapool Community Trust, The New Broom, 28 Argyle Street, Ullapool, IV26 2UB


Who are the CBF Panel?

Decisions about which projects receive funding are made by an independent panel of volunteers from the community with input from LUCT, the Community Council and LCR. The first round of funding was distributed last year and contributed to a range of local initiatives. The work of the CBF panel is reliant on volunteers and LUCT would like to thank those individuals for their commitment and time in refining and delivering the fund. We hope it will be even more successful this year.  Please see link below for last year’s awards.


Please Support the Ullapool Development Trust

Lochbroom & Ullapool Community Development Trust is a local charity that was set up in 2009 to benefit the communities of Lochbroom.

Given the current economic climate third sector funding for charities is becoming more and more difficult to secure, especially for core costs. LUCT rely on the good will of benefactors and people who donate whatever they can afford to help support the Trust. This could be a one off donation or a monthly standing order. Every little helps – if you support the work we do and want to help toward the economic, social and environmental development of this community – please support us by giving what you can.

 The following links will take you to separate gift aid forms and bank details for both the Community Benefit Fund 

  LUCT CBF gift aid donation form

and for LUCT itself 

 LUCT gift aid donation form

 Thank you .

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