COVID-19: Assistance With Forms

There is a lot of help for individuals?and businesses, most of which require a form to be completed either online or paper.

If you need help or guidance?on form filling, the following Community Councillors are available to help:

Topher Dawson? Tel: 612342? ?Mob: 07971 448 003?[email protected]

Charlie Macaulay Tel: 612164? ?Mob: 07795 420 101?[email protected]

Pete Harrison Tel: 612568??[email protected]

David Crook Tel: 613144 Mob: 07519 592 406?? ?[email protected]

Angie Ford Tel: 612551? ?Mob: 07739 892 322?[email protected]

Seoras Burnett Tel: 633757 Mob: 07879 203 239? ?[email protected]

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