HIE Funding Distributed to Local Projects

Over the last two months the Community Benefit Fund, which was originally set up to distribute funds from the BroomPower hydro scheme, has distributed an additional £8000 kindly donated by Highland and Islands Enterprise. Applications were considered by a Panel of 5 members representing Ullapool Community Trust, Lochbroom Community Renewables, the Community Council and 2 members from the local community.  The successful applications met the criteria required by both HIE and the CBF, and all were linked to the Covid-19 outbreak; requiring funds because of the pandemic and lock-down.  The panel were impressed by the imagination and efforts of volunteers and organisations across the community to improve the physical and mental health of Lochbroom residents during this unprecedented time.

The funding was distributed to the following 10 projects:

1.      Create Inspire Projects – “3 minute film” kits for students (8 – 17 yrs) for use while the theatre group suspended

2.      Welcome Ullapool – liquid for 50 hand sanitisers for local use

3.      Lochbroom Community Council – hand sanitisers for local playparks

4.      An Talla Solais – sanitisers and other equipment to allow the gallery to open and activities to be run with social distancing

5.      Ullapool Community Choir – outdoor/portable music equipment for the choir while they are unable to meet indoors

6.      Loch Broom House residents – large screen TV for residents

7.      The New Broom – bins to quarantine items and washing machine/drier to sanitise clothes

8.      Ullapool and District Pipe Band – funds for drum maintenance as they have had no income from public displays

9.      The Ullapool Village Hall – sanitising equipment and distancing signs to allow the hall to open

10.  The Isle Martin Trust – subsidised ferry crossings for volunteers to carry out essential work and to let those on low incomes visit the island

Dave Maxwell

Lochbroom Community Renewables

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