Home Energy Scotland advisers will be in the our area at the end of October

Support for rural homes across the area

from Home Energy Scotland:


Making your home more energy efficient can help lower your energy bills, but the upfront cost of improvements like insulation or heating can put people off.

The good news? Home Energy Scotland can help. Here’s how:

We’ll let you know what funding is available to you

  • There are free funding options available, and our friendly advisors can see if you’re eligible to apply.
  • You might be able to spread the cost with an interest-free loan or get a grant to cover much needed home improvements
  • You could benefit from a rural grant to help with increased installation costs for home improvements.

Locating certified installers

We provide tips on how to find certified installers

  • Finding certified installers for insulation, renewable technologies, and other energy efficiency measures can be challenging for rural homes. We can help you locate who might be right for you.

Home Energy Scotland advisers will be in the LUCT area at the end of October, so contact HES now if you want tailored advice about how to keep your home warmer and reduce energy bills.

Call HES free on 0808 808 2282. You can also use our contact form at homeenergyscotland.org to get in touch via email.

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