Lochbroom Staff Pool enters new phase

Last year Lochbroom and Ullapool Community Trust (LUCT) ran a pilot trial of Lochbroom Staff Pool through which residents helped out local businesses looking for ad hoc staff cover when regular staff are off sick or at busy times. 

It’s a small but active group with 27 members including six local businesses. The key things we have learned are:

– There was a need

– It did work in practice

– Both employers and employees found it rewarding and fun

– It helped participants to gain employment and to test the kind of jobs that might suit them most

– Everyone respected the codes of conduct for employers and employees

Many thanks to EDF Renewables Corriemoillie Education and Training Fund for providing funding during the pilot trial which enabled participants to get skilled in food hygiene, health and safety at work, fire awareness, mental health and physical first aid – all valuable employability skills.

Now that the pilot trial is over, we are going to keep the staff pool going. It’s a What’s App group that can be used at any time. All are welcome to join. Thanks to the positive attitude of the businesses who are part of the pool, it helps those – eg. young people – entering the world of work for the first time or for those who need to earn extra income but cannot commit to regular hours for whatever reason or for anyone needing to gain confidence to return to work.

While LUCT maintains the group as a community notice-board, we take no income and take no employer obligations.

This link will take you to the Lochbroom Staff Pool Whatsapp page if you wish to join, either as an employer looking for cover or an employee. Once you are on the Whatsapp page click on the page name to see how the group works and the group code of conduct rules etc.


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