Primary School music

Ullapool Primary Parent Council

Ullapool Primary Parent Council received ?2,500 from the 3D fund and have so far spent ?1,500 of it. We spent ?500 on dance lessons for the primary school children from Alice Wilkins of Ullapool Dance.

Another ?1000 has been very well spent on Christie Okie providing a whole year?s worth of music lessons to our nursery and P1/2 classes. The final ?1000 we hope to spend next term on a week of Drama for the whole school provided by Eden Court. We still need to find a little bit more funding for that, but hope to get that for next term.

The money has been invaluable providing lovely opportunities for our primary school kids. We are very grateful to have received it, the kids have, and are continuing to benefit greatly from it.

Thank you again

Briony, Chair of Ullapool Primary School Parent Council.

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