Ullapool Swim Club

Ullapool Swim Club

The ?2000 we were awarded has done so much for the club. We raised the rest of the money as promised (because we felt we should play our part in helping the Club to Ride the Wave to the next level).

The 3-D funding has been the key in a door to unlock the potential of the Ullapool Swim Club. It has helped us Ride the Wave, keeping us afloat while we grew, trained, visited, hosted, bought new kit, formed a new Committee and saw the results of that work with our swimmers doing so well over the past year.

Funding is key to our future and we will always be looking to keep costs and fees down. The 3-D finding played a tremendously important role in kick revitalising Ullapool Swim Club.

Without the 3-D fund grant it would not have been possible. Parents, volunteers and other individuals and organisations have given time, effort and hard work to make the funding stretch as far as possible – way beyond the ?2000 – enabling us to go from strength to strength and length to length!

Thank you so much! Ullapool Swim Club.

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