Update on publication of COVID-19 statistics

Scottish Government

22/04/20 09:32 Update on publication of COVID-19 statistics The Scottish Government will publish additional information on coronavirus (COVID-19) from today (Wednesday 22 April) including the number of suspected cases in adult care homes.? The Scottish Government currently publishes a range of information daily on testing, NHS Board data on the number of people in Scottish hospitals with either confirmed or suspected COVID-19 (including those in intensive care) and management information such as number of 111 calls and NHS absences. National Records of Scotland (NRS) also publishes a report every Wednesday on COVID-19 related deaths, including those where COVID-19 is suspected. From today, the Scottish Government will also publish daily: a time series going back to the start of the pandemic of the daily deaths recorded with a COVID-19 positive laboratory test a time series of the data that is available daily by Health Board (cases, inpatients, and ICU patients) the total number of hospital discharges of COVID-19 patients in Scotland the daily and cumulative number of suspected COVID-19 cases reported by adult care homes the number of adult care homes with a current suspected case of COVID-19 and the proportion of adult care homes affected (reported for the first time today, with daily figures available from next week) the cumulative number of adult care homes that have reported more than one case of suspected COVID-19 This information will be available every day at 1400 on the Scottish Government website. There will also be a link to a new Public Health Scotland dashboard presenting the COVID-19 test data at NHS Board and Local Authority level for lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases. This will also be updated daily. The Care Inspectorate will shortly provide data to the Scottish Government on the number of social care absences in Scotland due to COVID-19.?Once this data is of sufficient quality, it will be published every week for the period of the pandemic.
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